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( Increased activity when during full moon)
Advanced VAsiyam and Black Magic or Spirit Activity
dream of dead bodies and horrible looking people who want to kill you in your dream
dream of snakes and contaminated areas
Waking up suddenly in fear with shortness of breath
Dreams of falling from above
Dreams of snakes, scorpions and spiders
see blacks or points of smoke flying up
The stomach bloats like a pregnant woman's belly and the area just above the navel and strengthened when touched feels like a golf ball is there
Keeping and heaviness specially in shoulders and chest
extreme hunger in case entities have taken over your body
Your dark complexion
A dark or gray smoke is seen before his eyes when he wakes up.
Itching, burning and stinging pain in various parts of the body
Where is that black Serious Magic to kill you, you will find that your path will Crows left to right during the trip or who would cross from left to right, fly over you, sometimes it would be a piece of meat on a cross or other solid fuels in its beak.

final stages of the possession of the Spirit / Black Magic with very little recovery time
Cancer of blood or other body parts
Shrinking and malfunctioning of kidneys
Alcohol abuse causes damage to the liver
Substance Abuse
Heart attacks result in sudden death
The drugs do not work baffling doctors: the medical treatments resulting in strong
suicide attempts or thoughts of self-destruction

Additional symptoms that affect women only
Bruising (blackish and bluish) signs around, vagina, thighs and arms or other body parts
Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is truly
Irritation in the vagina with vaginal discharge / vaginal discharge
total cessation of menstruation, irregular menstruation, painful periods, dark blood
unable to think of this as a result of mental blocks when the woman is sterile for life
obstructions in the fallopian tubes and / or incapable of pregnancy results in miscarriage account
unexplained seizures
Extreme fear and anxiety
Emotional High's and Low

Additional symptoms that relate to spiritual people
Your interest in the divine consciousness takes a dive, you lose interest in your prayers and meditations.
Body shakes like a pemdulum when trying to meditate or pray
It has attracted the impure desires like homosexuality, the non-vegetarian food, sex and other vices
Your Kundalini Shakti is active when the kundalini worked before.

In severe cases, demons, devils or evil entities have taken possession of the person's body, the individual may commit suicide or a murderess,. Sudden violent behavior is very visible in these individuals.


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