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By the grace of my mother and father i am writing the methods of preparation of vasiya rasamani

Rasa mani is an Mani formed from mercury ,the only liquid metal ..also praised as sivanar vinthu ..Life seed of Lord mahesa Shiva Esan

Keeping original rasa

mani on the cow during milking , Cow will not milk
If you tie this mani in your stomach , then physical relationship time will extend
Having this mani will attract positive things and give a positive mindset

It is under the influence of Sukkaran and Sani , Hence all prosperties will be attracted
the remaining uses of vasiya mani are hidden .. Contact our astrologers to know more

Artificial RasaMani now sold in shops are prepared by mixing Mercury with silver nitrate( mercury amalgamated immediatley on reacting with silver nitrate )
which is useless and will not perform any of the things that rasamani should do ..

How to find duplicate rasamani
On heating duplicate rasamani ..It will vapourise in air when heated

Happiness to all in the name of my mother

Institute of Yogic Science
VGP Gardens ,Chennai


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  1. After wearing the Rasamani maala, my neck turned as black, so that only am asking, it lost its power i think, i wanna use again my Rasamani as a mala, how, can u pls tell me

  2. Your neck turned black means IT IS FACKE GUTIKA AND MADE WITH TIN OR ALLUMINIUM...