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For the first time the vasiyam techniques of aghoris are being taught and practiced in chennai. and this vasiyam in chennai it may be the first of its kind

to solve all problems in life and to lead an happy life

A simple mantra to solve husband and wife problems
1. light a ghee lamp
2. recite the moola mantra 108 times morning 6 am and evening 6 pm
3. Your conflicts will vanish within some days if done with complete faith in god.
moola mantra
om lkleem lakleem mama pursha /barya mama vasiya vasiya akarshaya swaha ..

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  1. hai, i am married women and i also have girl baby. in my married life is very distrub my happyness. my husbund is not carrying person he is selfish also.he is depend upon his parent. but he is good charecter. i want to chance my husband. you only help me... think me ur sister plz.....help me...other wise i am going to suicide....plz help me... my tears are ur feet...

    1. Dear Sister,

      Dont think of suicide ,Its not a remedy ,Just remember the sweet days in your earlier life ..U can regain it ..Just follow the above puja karmas it will surely give a positive effect in life after that u will not think of suicide ...
      Pray to Lord Yama ...facing south direction
      And also your problem will get solved within another 11 days from the date of this post

  2. dont worry ... you are a blessed soul . never thing of suicide anymore .. please be positive .
    he will change very soon ..

  3. Hai, My name shivaram my lover name suhanthi from srilankan. we both love pass 4 1/2 years but unfortunately right now she is totally mind changed and she is depend with her mother and father. i think they changed her mind. so, i want her i want marry her(Misunderstanding) but i also explain that problem and i said sorry also but she is not agree with me. so kindly tell me

  4. how many days we have to follow this manthra
    "om lkleem lakleem mama pursha /barya mama vasiya vasiya akarshaya swaha "

  5. sway, iam married man i have two kids. past 4 yers my life is peaceful , but past oneand half years very cretical position money never come my hand iam tried so many way i go so many temple but result zero pls help i last my certificate and all. but i will never miss my future life pls help me swamy i beg you pls help me . i hope ur manthra sway pls chang my level

    1. donot worry . do lakshmi kubera vaisyam
      and follow those mantras for 41 day s
      your fate will change 100 %
      you will have a positive side of life'
      and positive mind set

  6. Hi . . Want vasiya marunthu for my lover to correct all problems between us . . How can i get it ? Where i should go for it ?

  7. Hello sir, my name raghuman i am loving in shajeetha. but she is loved in another person. but i am only loved for him. please any ideas. my future in your hand. so pls help me sir.

  8. swamiji, my name is ramya. i am married. Its a love marriage after 2 1/2 years of love.my husband is not like before. my mother in law is changing him against me. I am worried that we might get divorced soon. I dont want that to happen. Please can you suggest me some idea to overcome and get my husband back as he was before

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  11. Hi.. Me & my cousin are in love , for more than 6 years we are facing struggle ..Thinking of ending... Even v didt speak for last 5yrs ... But we are thinking of each other... My family is OK with marriage in his side only his mom is not accepting... Even I like her so much... But I don't no how to change her mind... These many years v both r facing lots of pain.. Please help me... For true love...

  12. Hi sir,i doubt i have vasiya marundhu in my stomach.my syptoms are dried mouth,increased thirst especially during night time,stomach pain,constipation ,urine problem.pls tell me the remedy plsss