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History of navapashana starts with Sri Bhogar swami , he built Navapasana murga in Palani

There are total of 64 pashanam , ie 64 highly toxic and deadly substances ,Out of which 32 are naturally available

As the essence of siddha tradition is alchemy ,Converting poison to elixir . So siddhar disciples of Lord shiva converted the selected 9 toxic substances named as

1. Ganthakam - Sulphur

2. Thurusu or mayilthutam   - Copper sulphate ( when consumed raw , immediate death ) , but when it is processed it is an elixir

3. vellai pasanam

4. veeram

5. puram

6. Lingam

7. sangu pasanam

8. Thalagam

9. Manoselai

One can get immense benefits by possessing one Rasamani.
Normalise body heat, regularises the blood pressure, Improves appetite and digestion and assimilation. Tones the immune system of our body
Increases the power of concentration and will power and sharpens the mind.
It removes all the "Doshas" of Vaastu, drives off all evil spirits and helps one to be more calm and composed. Also rasamani helps one to awaken his awarness by awakening the Kundalini.
It also removes all obstacles related to marriage (Kalastira Doshas).

As per our sitthar history there is many unbelievable happenings in medicine, one of the important medicine is navapasanam, it consist of 9 pasanam with different behaviourness in medical history, likewise the making of navapasanam is also different types and is too tough.
The hills named kollimalai and sivanmalai is famous for navapasanam.

The sitthar’s has done many research in 32 types of pasanam, what is the characteristics of pasanam? What is its impact in medicine? And to which planet it belongs to?

The relationship between navapasanam and 9 planets is really an amazing thing.

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