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demonic possession is a complex issue, in which nothing is what it seems to be great. Various types of obsession that come to provide a wide range of symptoms and the impact on the people who are obsessed There is no easy way to explain the levels of power, as there are a number of ways and nuances in the study of any kind of power.

The information has been compiled for the investigation of thousands of demonic possession by subtle-vision (sixth sense). In addition, some members who have access to the universal mind and intellect may have, the deeper reasons for the possession and intent are the spirit who owns understand.

The important point from the perspective of ordinary people to understand is that all of humanity in some way affected by the ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). But a serious fact is discovered in spiritual research, that at the present time to the year 2025, 30% of the population of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc..) Is obsessed This means that three out of three people are reading this article influenced by spirits (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) and one in three people will be haunted by a ghost with or without their knowledge. See our article on how much of the world's population is affected by ghosts.

Demonic possessions are classified as mild, moderate or severe. The following sections discuss the specific factors in the classification of obsession classified as mild, moderate or severe. To understand these areas should include the following two items:

What is the definition of obsession, be affected only by a spirit?

What is the difference between the manifest and unmanifest possession?

Two. Levels of demonic possession, which can be perceived based on the demonstration

Here we classify the degree of ownership at the level of sixth sense or subtle perception skills required to identify the property is based.

Demonic possession mild
Here, even a layman by his intelligence and a basic understanding of demonic possession can result from the observation of the abnormal behavior of an individual that something is to be understood with the possessed person. The person who is not normally obsessive, and the company within the person has appeared on everything.

This behavior could be a deviation from the normal behavior of the person, how much aggressiveness docile person to talk, hysterical laughter, nonsense, etc. It is also possible to intellectually decide that a person are the symptoms of demonic possession, when they yield with spiritual remedies. For example, if the abnormal behavior quiet drink on the premises of a temple or a church or holy water or irrigation, etc.

A psychiatrist looking generally classify the incident as a psychosis or other psychiatric disorder. It also refers to: Why is a protective border around the image above?

Demonic possession Middle
This would distinguish require a higher level of sixth sense or extrasensory perception, whether the person is possessed. The person's spiritual level diagnosis would usually between 50-70%. The telltale signs and symptoms are much more subtle. This type of power is not manifest in the rule. However, this is not always the case and a person can be fully manifested yet very quiet and peaceful, with no telltale signs that are possessed.

Demonic possession severe
Here, only a saint can diagnose whether a person is possessed. For a person who is possessed by higher spirits, only a saint of the highest order would be able to determine that the person is truly possessed.

Three. Manifested levels of demonic possession based on the degree of control achieved in the demonstration by talking to the person

From this perspective, demon possession is based on the extent to which a person average spiritual level of a person, if the spirit (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) and is classified talk appeared calm in the situation.

In case of a mild to a person who can over an average spiritual level manifests to the person (ie the spirit of the possessed person) and talk quietly.
In the case of a medium spiritually average person has little success to calm the person to talk to the person, if the spirit has manifested.
If ownership is harder mentally average person is not able to calm the person says.
April. Levels of demonic possession by the spirit healer spiritual level necessary to eliminate the spirit

Here, the level or degree of obsession to required minimum spiritual level of spiritual healers to heal a person own.

Mild possession is when a spirit healer can heal spiritual level of 50%, the person possessed.
Possession Middle would be if you want to cure a spiritual healer spiritual level of 70% to the possessed person.
Possession would be serious if required possessed a spiritual healer of more than 70% on the person of the mind to heal.
May Levels of demonic possession, the amount of control by the Spirit, has based

Here the height of the property is dependent on the degree of control that the spirit (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) has taken over the mind and the intellect possessed person. In short, how much the mind has merged with the consciousness of the person.

Possession is when the mind is light, has control over 25% of the possessed person.
Possession is moderate when the mind controls the person to the extent of 50%.
Possession is serious when the mind controls the possessed person to the extent of 75%.
June. Levels of demonic possession on the spiritual force that spirit based

Here the amount of ownership is based on the strength of the spirit that has defined (demons, devils, negative energies, etc..)

Possession is mild, when the spirit is a spirit or have common lower level demon. At this level, the intention behind the property generally is limited to harm the person who is possessed. The relative strength of this spirit is 1-100.
Moderate possession is when the mind is a female elf (abyssal), jākhin middle or ghost. At this level, the intention of the individual and the company's influence to a certain degree. The relative strength of this spirit is 1000-10000.
Possession is serious, if the spirit that possesses a subtle sorcerers (māntrik). At this level, the intention is that the mind has, destruction or disturbance is nationwide to create the world. The relative strength of this spirit is 100,000 infinity. An example of this would be Hitler, who was obsessed by a subtle sorcerers lower regions of hell.

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