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There are different methods of doing vasiyam

1. internal vasiyam - is aadvocated through food with some herbs and ...
2.external vasiyam is achieved through
2.1.1 mantras
2.1.4 some herbs
2.1.5 solme animal remains
2.1.6 from graveyard

in all the above doing from herbs in the grave yard is the most power full. the internal vasiyam is illegal , the person attacked by internal vasiyam will have the following symptoms
1. swollen bellly
2. feeling of tired ness
3.drinking lots of water in nights
4.abnormal apetite
5.scars/marks/blemishes in skin
7.mood swings
 if the vasiyam is removed they will experience the bliss of life

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  1. i want to remove vasiyam through externally. how can i contact you to tell more details about this. please help me on this.