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how to vasiyam
how to do vashikaran puja
how to do vasiyam my husband??

Dear Frds
Look this is an art and i can help u learn this art of vasiyam ,
like heart oriented skill.
1.promises should be made u dont use in wrong way
2. Should Follow Virtham ( fasting for the Particular day )

Kindly call for training classes and services in Vasiyam
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  1. how to do vasiyam my husband? my husband avoid to other leady's. pls. help me. pls. tell me followup virtham particular days details. & any other Details.

  2. follow graha lakshmi viratham
    follow 48 days fasting
    light ghee lamp and use grahalakshmi mai for ..
    U r husband will be to be affectionate with u