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Vasiya Puja - Vasiya Puja -

fro performing the puja here i give description of dhana akarshana puja it is depicted in atharvan veda if practised for 3 poorniamas you...

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Reiki and vasiyam Reiki and vasiyam

you can get a person tuned to your frequency through the art of reiki this is an auspicious bio art and only expert practioners who can me...

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Hypnotism and vasiyam Hypnotism and vasiyam

mesmer father of mesmerism was said to learn mesmerism from indian siddhars and his claims on miraculous power of mesmerism was proven by ...

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Preparation of vasiya marunthu- Preparation of vasiya marunthu-

 I read a story of power of vasiya marunthu it is said to happen in an ancient  kerala village named penmalayalam in that ironical v...

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Vasiyam -methods Vasiyam -methods

the art of making persons attarct each other is called vasiyam vasiyam is one of the 8 siddhis described and gifted by the siddhars .out...

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