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1. your subconscious mind controls not only all the vital processes in the body, but also knows the answers to various questions, and can solve many problems. 2. Before going to bed, go back to your subconscious mind with any specific request, we will soon see the strength superstar in action. 3. Anything is captured in your subconscious effects you directly as emotions and circumstances and events. Therefore, you need to look closely at what ideas and opinions to rule your mind. 4. Our Karma or Karmic mind is the experience and expectations of our subconsicious mind , Unfullfilled desires and anxiety is the cause for negative impression in our life 5. Even Billi suniyam Eval vasiyam and all mind related diseases are the effect of this subconsicious mind 6. stress, anxiety and fear can change the natural rhythm of breathing, heart rate and work somewhere else in the body. 7. Vedic Mantrigam , Atharavana veda and all the tantriks used this Subconscious energy to attain the need through a proper ritual and called it as Mantrigam . The Astrological chart is the brainmap of the subconsicious mind Institure of Yogic Research Book an appointment for Consultation and Healing from all your problems 9094663458


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